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UlU [oo-loo], noun, adjective

  • Urdu - owl - a bird that wakes up at night; a symbol of smartness.
  • Idiot; foolish person.
  • Malay - remote - place far away from civilization; out of the way place.
  • In Singlish - remote, rural, backward, primitive, undeveloped, dilapidated, spartan, deserted.
  • Inuit - a traditional Eskimowomen all-purpose knife used by Inuit, Yuo'ik and Aleut women for skinnig and cleaning animals, cutting child's hair and trimming blocks of ice. Traditionally made with a caribou antler or walrus ivory handle. A knife with a broad semicircular blade joined to a short haft at right angle to the unsharpened side.

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